Our Promise

Not all pestemals are created equal, so we have carefully selected manufacturers who are just as committed to quality, craftsmanship, sustainability and social responsibility as we are. Our manufacturing partners

  • Only use 100% Turkish cotton and natural bamboo fabrics
  • Provide a selection of superior quality towels that are fully hand-loomed by masters of the craft. These towels last longer due to the slower speed of the machines, versus automatic ones, which doesn’t damage the fabric in the process.
  • Are committed to upholding the traditional handloom production with the masters of this art. In a world of fast fashion, they continue to invest and keep this tradition alive with the local weavers and craftspeople in small villages in the Anatolian region, employing these masters in their home place and providing training programmes for the younger generations.
  • Source their raw materials, in respect of nature, biodiversity, animal welfare and local communities. No harmful chemicals are used in production.
  • Are ISO and Oeko-Tex certified

The carefully curated collection of towels we offer have been tried and tested by us over time. Each towel is 

  • Super soft and kind to your skin
  • Highly absorbent
  • Made using only 100% natural materials and the highest quality dye
  • Finished with beautiful fringes twisted by hand