I’m Jo, a Galway girl born and raised. After studying business and marketing at NUIG, I went on to spend over 15 years working with the biggest names in tech, Google, Facebook and Instagram. I live in Dublin with my Turkish husband and our two young kids.

I set up The Soft Cotton Shop to bring natural, beautiful, durable, silky soft towels into your lives and homes. 

I have long been a fan of Turkish textiles and my love for the Turkish towel has grown from initially being a beach holiday affair to now being a key staple in our home. I realised they were far more than just a beach accessory shortly after becoming a mom. Both my babies, like myself, had sensitive skin and were prone to breakouts so bathing and skincare was a huge challenge in those early years. As every parent will know, it meant a continuous cycle of trying and testing different products and fabrics that wouldn’t aggravate their skin. That is when I decided to try these Turkish towels on my babies. They were super absorbent, naturally hypoallergenic and remained super-soft wash after wash. Their thinness also made them super convenient for getting in between those folds and creases on baby's skin that can be difficult to dry properly.

I haven’t looked back since. Fast forward a few years, and now our whole family uses these as regular bath towels as they feel so nice and are so kind on the skin. As a busy mom I’m also grateful for the many other benefits these towels offer. They are super compact so are great for family trips to the pool or beach, particularly while you need to bring all those extra bits for kids. As these towels dry super quickly they don’t dampen anything else in your bag, are practically dry by the time you get back home and they never have that wet towel smell! For these reasons, they are now part of my regular gym/sports bag too. And yes these features mean they will also lighten your laundry load!

Now I am on a mission to bring my discovered life-hack into more people’s lives and homes.